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    Japanese and Korean Cultural Festival

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    • Event Entities:
      Mu Kuang English School
    • Date:11-11-2022
    • Time:11:00 - 14:00
    • Venue: Kowloon (55 Kung Lok Road, Kwun Tong)
    Mu Kuang English School is the first direct subsidy secondary school to incorporate Japanese and Korean into the regular curriculum for lower secondary school students in 2021, bringing the Japanese and Korean culture that young people love to the campus. Secondary one students can choose Japanese or Korean according to their personal preferences and study the language for three years. In addition, the school organizes the "Japanese and Korean Cultural Festival" once a year to enhance students' interest in learning Japanese and Korean and improve their learning efficiency. The school believes that through understanding and appreciating the diverse and interesting Japanese and Korean cultures, students can broaden their horizons.

    Content of the 2022 "Mu Kuang Japanese and Korean Cultural Festival" is as follows.
    1. Open Day
    2. Japanese dance, Japanese song chorus and animation voice acting performance
    3. Korean Taekwondo Show
    4. Japanese Martial Arts workshop
    5. Korean food cooking workshop
    6. Japanese Taiko workshop
    7. Small Lecture on Japanese Business Manner
    8. Yukata and Hanbok workshop
    9. Japanese-Korean origami workshop
    10. Japanese and Korean traditional game booths
    11. Japanese/Korean Film watching activity
    12. Japanese and Korean Culture Quiz Contest
    13. Japanese and Korean songs karaoke activity

    Registration in Advance
    Entrance Fee
    Free of charge
    Ms Fok Ka Wai
    Mobile: 98883043
    Email: samanthafok@mukuang.edu.hk

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