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4th Round Recognition
The following events are approved in the 4th round recognition:
#220018 Free Trial Lesson for Japanese Language & HAPPI experience
#220019 Autumn Senryu Contest
#220020 In-house course for Japanese culture
#220021 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2022 FOR ARTS INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY: SAORI International Exhibition and Conference on Arts & Disability, Leadership & Independent Living
#220022 Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration and Tea-drinking Experience
#220023 Japanese Confectionery (Wagashi) Demonstration  Workshop
#220024 Emi Nakamura’s Japanese Art Songs and Opera Arias
#220025 Rotary Lunch Meeting & Talk (High School Girl Uniform HK vs JP)
#220026 Fun Fun Summer Day
#220027 The 31st Japanese Club Charity Golf Open 2022
#220028 Japanese Culture Course(Miniature Clay Craft
#220029 「第12回香港和僑会恒例落語会」
#220030 Prize Presentation Ceremony of the 17th Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School Students Japanese Speech Contest
#220031 Japan Autumn Festival - Kuroge Washu 
#220032 Luminous Lodge 01 Integrated Doujin Expo
#220033 ㇐田 X Sanrio Characters 秋の味覚 - きのこ遊園地