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    100°C Gallery x Nanboya Upcycle

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    • Event Entities:
      100°C Gallery / The Valuence Group
    • Date:10-09-2022 ~ 16-10-2022
    • Time:12:00 - 20:00
    • Venue: Hong Kong (100°C Gallery (S606, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, HK))
    100°C is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring upcycled artworks by seven Japanese artists.

    Antiques and old goods carry within them the cultural heritage, memories and craftsmanship from past generations. Instead of dumping them into landfill, there could be alternatives to give these old treasures a second life and henceforth prolong the cultural values they once represented.

    After featuring four local Hong Kong artists in the first part of the program in August, we are bringing the public the second half with 7 young artists from Japan. Their improvisation using their unique artistic expression and meticulous handicraft have transformed not only the appearance but also the intrinsic value of the old pieces, and bring forth a completely new sensation to Hong Kong audience. While each of them still carries the aura of their precedent Japanese craft, we can feel the creative energy injected by the 7 young talents who are specialised in a vast spectrum of artistic expressions.

    Through this Nanboya Upcycle project, we tried to connect the past to present via art forms. 100°C and Valuence share a common goal: to give value to things that are no longer needed and to raise awareness of overproduction and waste.

    Open for public participation
    Registration in Advance
    Required (Contact details for registration: whatsapp-67481055)


    info@100degreec.com / 2803 7816 / whatsapp-67481055

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